Industry Organisations

Packaging Council of South Africa (“PACSA”)

  • Founded in 1984
  • Voluntary industry body
  • Represents views of its members
  • Particular focus on the environment and dealing with issues on the Waste Management Bill
  • RPC Astrapak is an active member

Plastics Converters Association (“PCA”)

  • Associate member of Plastics SA
  • Represents plastic converters and advises on issues around labour, markets, material trends, technical support and legislation
  • Technical orientation
  • RPC Astrapak is a member

Polystyrene Packaging Council (“PSPC”)

  • Deals with issues around polystyrene waste
  • RPC Astrapak is a founding member

PET Plastic Recycling South Africa (“PETCO”)

  • Registered in 2004
  • Focuses on the management of PET waste
  • Funded by a levy on all PET resin purchased
  • RPC Astrapak is a voting member

SA Plastics Recycling Organisation (“SAPRO”)

  • Objective is to improve professionalism in the industry
  • Consolidates collection and recycling initiatives
  • Develops industry quality standards
  • Forum for liaison with government

Plastics Institute of Southern Africa (“PISA”)

  • Founded in 1948
  • Primary objective is to advance education about plastics through training, lectures and publications
  • Has four national branches
  • Several RPC Astrapak employees are members

Plastics SA

  • Represents all sectors of the plastics industry including convertors, importers, recyclers and machine suppliers
  • Provides industry education, training and drives environmental initiatives
  • Located in all three major regions
  • Previously the Plastics Federation of SA


  • Registered in 2011 – effective from 1 April 2012
  • Initiative to promote and improve the waste management of post-consumer polyolefins
  • R100/t on levy on all packaging companies
  • RPC Astrapak is a founding member

Multilayer Packaging Forum

  • Formed in 2010
  • Formed to deal with the ever-increasing amount of laminates and multilayer packaging
  • RPC Astrapak is a founding member

 The Institute of Packaging (SA) (“IPSA”)

  • Formed in 1970
  • Focuses on the art and science of packaging
  • Responsible for Gold Pack
  • RPC Astrapak is a corporate and active member